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Thought leader snapshots #OGT14 City Champion interviews Live from #OGT14 events

Accelerating Open Canada

Richard on the bike

Image credit: Rick Weiss

On 2 July 2014, Richard Pietro started an epic journey of 20,000 kms, riding a motorcycle across Canada to start a series of city conversations about Open Government.

We’re pleased to have been a social communication partner for the Open Government Tour 2014.  In the countdown to Richard’s departure, and throughout his journey, we produced a series of interviews with Canadian leaders and practitioners of open government, as well as local city event organizers from across Canada. We also be recorded some live conversations at #OGT14 events.

About the Open Government Tour 2014

Richard’s cross-Canada motorcycle tour was an effort to bring attention to the Open Government & Open Data movements.  During his 90-day journey, he hosted events in 18 cities and invited local participants to come and talk about new ways of civic engagement, and how open government and open data can build trust between government and its citizens.

You can find out all about the Open Government Tour 2014 on Richard’s blog, as well as the special event website on MakeWebNotWar.

Interview with Richard Pietro

Hear from Richard about his plans for the Tour:

Interview with Keith Loo

Hear from the lead of Microsoft’s Make Web Not War on their patronage of the OGT14:

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