Beyond the buzz, for many agencies the journey to open government and open data is tempered by a need to see and understand the evidence of benefits.  Andrew Stott, former UK Government Director of Transparency and Digital Engagement, shares some compelling examples where the release of open data is driving innovation within public agencies.

For instance, the decision by the Danish Government to open up their address register so anyone could use it had a ROI over its first 4 years of 2200% – that’s 22 times as much in benefits as in cost.

Andrew also highlights some of the key themes emerging from open government practitioners at the Open Knowledge Festival recently held in Helsinki, Finland.

About Andrew Stott

Andrew Stott was the UK’s first Director for Transparency and Digital Engagement and a former Deputy CIO for the UK Government.  He led the work to create “” and the implementation of the UK Government’s commitments on Transparency of central and local government.  Following his retirement in December 2010 he was appointed to the UK Transparency Board to continue to advise UK Ministers on open data and e-government policy.  He also advises other governments on Open Data both bilaterally and through the World Bank and the World Wide Web Foundation, and he continues to contribute to the international development of the Open Data and Open Government agendas.

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Andrew Stott – Implementing an Open Data programme within government at the Open Knowledge Foundation

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