The Open Technology Foundation is a new Australian-based organisation that is a hub for technology and people networks in government to share, reuse and co-invest in open technology initiatives across the public sector.

OTF Chair Terry Cutler and General Manager Steve Schmid tell us why the Foundation is a timely initiative, and how they are working to federate data, code and experiences to escalate open technology take-up across all tiers of government.

The Open Technology Foundation is here to support all levels of government around 2 things – one is the open technologies… and the second is open standards.

About Dr Terry Cutler and Steve Schmid

Dr Terry Cutler is an industry consultant and strategy advisor with a background in the information and communications technology sector. Terry has authored numerous influential reports and papers on the Digital Economy and innovation.  During 2008 he chaired the Australian Government’s Review of the National Innovation System which culminated in the Report, Venturous Australia.  Among other appointments, Terry is currently the chair of the Open Technology Foundation.

Steve Schmid is the General Manager of the Open Technology Foundation, having come from a background in both the commercial and public sector environments, particularly as the director of the SA Government’s ICT Division.


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